Blacklight heavy

Our game is officially released so go check it out at! Here is one of the first characters I made for the game, which is currently for sale in the in-game store. Go buy it :p. I've made four others, which will be released over the coming months as we implement post-launch content. I'll be sure to add shots of them as they are released. This is just a shot of the high-poly from Maya, so I'll probably get some actual renders of the high and low models soon. Just this for now. My good friend Aaron Wehrmeister modeled the helmet, which isn't shown here, obviously.


  1. LUKE DODGE!!!!! awesome stuff. can;t wait to see more models. they better be amazing

  2. Thanks Chin! :D I will definitely post more stuff soon. And when do we get to see the awesomeness you've been doing!?!

  3. Dude. So awesome. Its about time you showed us whats new. how long did you get to work on the high poly?